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The Kofax OmniPage Capture SDK integrates powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology into any platform to automate image conversion and compression workflows. Whether your project calls for the conversion of 1, or 1 million, pages per day – the OmniPage Capture SDK is the right toolkit for you. It offers fast & incredibly accurate OCR, ICR, barcode recognition, PDF compression, document classification, forms processing and can handle challenging images from mobile devices with ease.

OMNIPAGE CSDK DEVELOPER TOOLKIT or OMNIPAGE SERVER (former Nuance Omnipage SDK/Sever) to easily integrate robust imaging, OCR, classification, forms processing and PDF compression capabilities into the applications your application

Data extraction from Forms

Acquisition module

Capture, scan, analyze your documents regardless of their types, formats or uses. Do you process a large number of inbound documents? Is their management time consuming and inefficient? This acquisition module, document scanning software, automatically recognizes your documents and simplifies their reading. Contact us

Digitalization of invoices

Address the entire supplier invoice lifecycle and improve your accounting efficiency. Often viewed as a cost center, administrative services are often faced with inefficiencies. Faced with this observation, we are offering a solution that will allow you to efficiently manage the digitization and flow of supplier invoices. Contact us

The power of precise OCR to set the recognition of text within any type of form. From an existing, empty or filled in form, you will use a graphical interface that allows the easy definition of a new form template and automate the continuous and seamless data extraction of these form family. Contact us 

Processing images and documents

Additional tools for voice, document imaging, text processing

API for quality translation, in real time or in batch

A more human machine translation. He improves and adapts to the context, like a human. This API, which is the result of over 10 years of manual translations, builds the translation on the basis of the content and not just the sentence alone, using the most appropriate terminology for exceptional quality. Contact us

Conversational AI solution to create ChatBots and VoiceBots

A.I. platform. conversational allowing businesses to create, train and improve chatbots (and voicebots by connecting to 'Speech') in a graphical way, that automatically answer questions from your users 24/7. Contact us